Queens Peak Condo Singapore New Launch Review

The Queens peak plots are prime pieces of land which are located in Singapore. They are in very close proximity with numerous essential facilities. It is very close to the Tampines Avenue which has the Tampines shopping mall. This is important because people who will occupy these QueenSpeak Condos will easily access the shopping mall where there are a lot of facilities present. Apart from this specific mall, there are other shopping centers which are also closely accessible by the residents. These include the IKEA Alexandra, Anchor point and the Queensway Shopping Centre.

Queens Peak Condo Singapore New Launch Condo

The IKEA shopping mall will be beneficial to Queens Peak HY Realty residents since they will be able to get all their furniture renovations from this place for their homes. Apart from malls, there are also a number of educational institutions that are located near this development at Tampines avenue. There is the Management Development Institute of Singapore located very close by. There is also Crescent Girls’ School which is close along Dundee road. Tamasek polytechnic is also just a few miles ahead from the Queens peak Condos location.

Queens Peak Queenstown MRT Condo

This Development is strategically located as it is very close to the city and also close to the Changi Airport in Singapore. Top food brands such as KFC are also accessible to the residents who will be staying in the Queens peak Condos. This is because the chain fast food restaurant can be found at the Valley Point shopping Centre which is just a walking distance for the residents of Queens peak Condos. The offer for the land under which this development will take place is put on offer by the Singapore MCC for land. They are the ones in charge of both the plot at Tampines avenue 10 and also for the one that is along Dundee road.

Queens Peak HY Realty Singapore

This location is very strategic thus the pricing that has been allocated to it. The reason why these plots are preferable is because the area is very close to MRT. The plot that is along Dundee road is close to the Queenstown MRT and also near to the city. The plans for the site and the floors of this development will soon be made available for the interested parties to have a look at. However, the recent growing trend is that most people are looking for town houses that are a little far from town. For this niche, The plots on Tampines Avenue 10 will be perfect. Invest in Queens peak Condos and live the life you desire.